San Francisco Chair Massage: Take the Stress Out

Many people see San Francisco as a getaway destination. With 16 million annual visitors to the city, it features the third-largest tourist draw in the United States. But it is also home to nearly one million people, and another six million in the surrounding Bay area. Add in the six fortune 500 companies, 30 international financial institutions, thousands of small business start-ups and – let’s not forget – those steep city hills, and San Francisco is a bustling metropolis where stress can build up quickly. Combat that stress with local chair massage services for your office from JoyLife Therapeutics.

Whether your business is a small start-up, or a leader worldwide, chair massage can reward your employees for their hard work and make them more productive. By utilizing the benefits of chair massage – benefits that include a boosted immune system, improved morale, and stress and pain relief – your San Francisco office staff will produce a higher quality of work. Plus they will be more appreciative of your company, allowing you to retain your high quality employees, as well as attract other qualified candidates.

San Francisco Chair Massage: Complements any Corporate Program

Chair massage is a great feature of any corporate wellness program, as it promotes good health by increasing circulation and improving the immune system. It can be a convenient way to boost health, morale, and energy as our San Francisco-based therapists will come directly to your office and perform 5 to 25-minute massages on your employees, right through their work clothes.

By setting up weekly or bi-weekly chair massage for the employees at your office, you can get discounted rates of up to 20 percent. And, because JoyLife Therapeutics’ therapists bring all materials for the massage to your office, our San Francisco chair massage service is both cost-effective, and convenient.

Looking beyond your employees’ health and productivity, chair massage can also increase the amount of business your company does. By booking our therapists for your trade show events – both here in San Francisco and across the nation – your company can attract customers and attention. When convention-goers come to your booth for their complimentary chair massage, you can talk up your business and its services. Then, once they have received their energizing, 5-minute chair massage, you can follow up with contact information and further services that may be of particular interest to them. Your employees working at the convention will also appreciate the energizing massages they will receive during their down times, and they will be pleased about the amount of attention and customers our therapists will surely attract for them.

San Francisco Char Massage by San Francisco Massage Therapists

JoyLife Therapeutics’s therapists are based in San Francisco, and can provide almost any type of massage therapy you need. They are all certified in the state of California, and know all popular forms of massage therapy. They also know other lesser-known, highly therapeutic forms of massage, and are capable of meeting any need – whether it be soothing music, aromatherapy, guided visualization, or more.

Our qualified and professional therapists are in the Bay area, as well as nationwide, so we have you covered no matter what your chair massage need. Contact us today and bring the therapeutic, and valuable, benefits of chair massage to your San Francisco office today.

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