Geriatric Massage Improves Health

With the wisdom of age comes the realization that good health is something that needs to be worked toward.  Receiving geriatric massage is a great method to improve the way you feel along with your general well being.  This technique is specifically tailored to benefit senior citizens, paying special attention to the unique needs of these recipients.

Similar to Swedish massage, geriatric massage uses long strokes and kneading to improve circulation and increase mobility.  It can also relieve anxiety and depression while aiding in mental relaxation.  If the recipient has had past injuries, geriatric massage can promote the body’s natural ability to heal in a gentle and relaxing manner.  One important benefit of geriatric massage that should not be overlooked is its ability to improve self-esteem and general quality of life.

Some aspects of geriatric massage stray from more basic and general massage techniques.  Sessions are generally shorter in length than a full table session, and deep tissue work is avoided.  Massage is conducted in a gentle and soothing manor, and there is an emphasis on passive and active stretching of the shoulders, legs, feet, and hands (if the joints are not too inflamed).  Occasionally, more intense kneading and friction will be applied to improve flexibility and mobility. Increased mobility can make it easier to practice the activities of daily life. Massage has even been known to improve quality of sleep, increasing energy.

Geriatric massage is not right for everybody and should be avoided by those who have had recent surgery or have certain hart conditions or types of cancer.  Geriatric massage feels great and leaves you feeling great. With over 60 massage schools nation wide offering specialized training in this style of massage, it shouldn’t be hard to find a geriatric massage specialist in your area.

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