Lights, Camera, Massage!

Films are being produced and released at a feverish pace, offering moviegoers more choices than ever before. Although the red carpet premieres are glamorous, and the special effects are stunning, the business of movie making is an extremely stressful and demanding occupation Production budgets can be vast or miniscule, and it is essential that every dollar is spent wisely. Once shooting starts, cast and crew can expect to be working at least six days in a row, and working overtime is not uncommon. This means many hours spent standing on hard surfaces, carrying heavy equipment, building and tearing down sets, and of course, delivering a stellar performance.
The old adage, “Time is money” is a golden rule in the industry, and production executives are constantly concerned with keeping cast and crew working efficiently. Sickness or absence of key crewmembers can severely compromise a film’s schedule, as well as the overall quality of the finished product. Actors who are unable to focus can cause numerous retakes or days of reshoots, which sends the budget spiraling out of control. Exhaustion is an unfortunate result from the breakneck speed in which films are produced, and it affects all members, whether they are executives, talent or crew.
It’s no surprise that on-set massage therapy is becoming more popular within the film and television industry. Producers are increasingly allotting funds to hire on-set massage therapists. The benefits far outweigh the cost and the boost in morale is palpable. Production executives benefit from the reduction in stress and anxiety that a short massage can have. Crewmembers experience relief from pain caused by overuse and physical injuries, and actors are able to concentrate and focus more clearly on their parts. Many production companies hire massage therapists to come to the set weekly or remain on call for the duration of shooting. So, the next time you are in a theater and asking yourself, “How did they do that?” remember that it took a great amount of coordinated effort and that massage therapy may have played a role in the overall quality of the finished product.

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