Massage Therapy Can Help People Lose Weight

Most people wouldn’t think that a relaxing massage can actually help you lose weight. But, after hearing the reasons why massage therapy can help take off the pounds, the conclusion should seem obvious, especially to those who read this blog and our Website regularly.

Indeed, after reading this post on, I realized that we had already written about three of the five reasons that author Elise Baker lists as she explains how massage therapy helps people lose weight.

One of the reasons we haven’t written about: A study published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery demonstrated how regular massage therapy can actually lead to better body tone, with women who participated in the study seeing a shrinkage of, on average, over a half an inch in their body circumference after receiving regular massage therapy.

Three other reasons the article mentions as to why massage therapy can help you lose weight, which we’ve written about previously: It can reduce pain after strenuous exercise (thus leading to less pain and more exercise, click here); massage therapy helps improve your circulation, which will help a dieter stay healthy and avoid fatigue (click here); and massage therapy helps the body rid itself of acids and waste (click here).

Finally, and closely related to the flushing of acids and waste, massage therapy helps dieters flush our excess water that can cause bloating. This loss of bloat can help motivate dieters, who will look in the mirror and like what they see.

Massage therapy can thus be a major contributor to one’s general wellness as its therapeutic properties help people suffering through cancer, people suffering from allergies, and even people trying to lose weight!

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