Wintertime Blues and Massage Therapy

As the East coast shovels out from yet another brutal winter storm, and places as far south as Florida see snow, many of us are left to wonder exactly how much longer winter can last. The shorter days and limited sunshine can leave people depressed, lethargic, and illness-prone, looking for something to give them a boost that will carry them to the longer, warmer, sunshine-filled days of spring and summer.

Massage therapy, of course, can be a great way to break out of the winter doldrums and re-claim some of the energy that winter has taken.

As this article from The Beacon News in Chicago states, massage therapy is about more than feeling energetic. As a large portion of illness is stress-related, massage therapy (and its stress-busting capabilities) can be an extremely important factor in guarding your health.

And, of course, massage therapy’s proven effect of increasing circulation and boosting endorphin levels means that a massage will definitely help kick that winter funk and give the recipient a much-needed sense of wellness to combat the cold.

Massage therapy is valuable year-round, to many different groups of people. But now, with winter holding on for what seems like an interminable amount of time, massage therapy can be a great way to boost your mood, health and give yourself the energy to shovel the rest of winter away.

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