Hands-Free Massage

How much money will a client pay for a hands-free massage? Different massage modalities require different levels of exertion and forms of application by massage therapists. Often times a deeper, Swedish massage can involve a lot of force from a therapist’s hands, knuckles, and elbows. But some forms of massage therapy actually allow some therapists to avoid using their hands entirely.

Hot stone massage is one of these modalities. It varies from therapist to therapist, with some choosing to either perform a Swedish massage prior to applying the hot stones in order to “warm up” their clients and get them ready for the stones. Others use the hot stones themselves in order to deeply massage tense areas.

However, some therapists actually let the stones do their work for them, placing stones heated to certain temperatures on specific points of the body in order to release muscle tension. Therapists then have the option of massaging the heated muscles, which can allow for greater manipulation of the pre-heated areas of the body. Some therapists, however, simply let the stones do all the work, walking out of the room after placing the stones on their client.

Hot stones are usually volcanic in nature (smooth, of course, usually Basalt) and are heated in water. Stones are laid along the spine, and sometimes on the palm of the client’s hands and between the toes. Stones vary in size, shape, and weight, and are placed according to the area of the body.

Hot stone massage is complemented, naturally, with cold stone massage. Here, instead of being heated to 130 degrees and above, the stones are cooled – sometimes to as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The placement of cold stones on muscles helps constrict blood flow, reducing muscle swelling and easing pain.

Some therapists swear by the combination of hot and cold stone massage as the hot stones expel toxins from muscles, and the cold stones constrict blood vessels and help with toxin removal.

What other types of hands-free massage are there out there? Well there is, of course, hot shell massage, which is very similar to hot stone massage. Then there is, of course, cold shell massage. There is also the mechanical touch of massage chairs. At prices anywhere from $39 to $150, hot stone massage is something for which customers will pay. It’s a great way to give your hands a break and still be well rewarded.

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