Nintendo Offers Free Chair Massages at Select U.S. Malls

Nintendo has unveiled a unique campaign this holiday season by opening gaming ‘spas’ at several malls throughout the country. The goal is to give customers a brief respite from the mental fatigue and aching muscles caused by frenetic shopping by offering a free chair massage.

The Nintendo DS spas offer a “no-strings attached” complimentary 10-minute chair massage, while clients simultaneously play their favorite game titles on shiny new handheld consoles. The client is led to a massage chair, given the console with a game of their choice, and for the next ten minutes, a massage therapist kneads away the aches and tension while the customer plays a video game.

These spas are designed to attract adults and introduce them to a variety of Nintendo products that have been targeted to a more mature audience who might prefer titles such as “Brain Age” and “Crosswords DS.” Organizers of the campaign used massage as a way to “provide an oasis of relaxation amid the chaos of holiday shopping.” By combining gaming and massage, they hope to promote the idea that a portable gaming system can be a way for adults to unwind whenever the opportunity arises.

Both the customer and Nintendo are feeling the benefits. Clients are treated to a de-stressing experience and are left with a positive perception of the company and its products. Nintendo reaps the rewards by attracting new, mature customers whose purchasing power often surpasses those in their teens and early twenties. One recipient of the free massage session said that it left her relaxed and wanting a new gaming system. Although shoppers are well aware of Nintendo’s ambition to make a future sale, they also appreciate the positive impact that touch therapy has on their physical and emotional state. Nintendo is hoping that by reaching out to prospective customers, they will reach into their wallets in return.

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