Massage Therapy’s True Power

Often, especially when writing about massage, the human angle of the benefits that massage therapy provides can be lost. This blog is surely guilty of this crime, extolling the proven virtues of massage therapy by noting the publication of studies or work of professional organizations.

But then stories like this one from the Arizona Daily Star come along and remind you exactly what the proven benefits of massage therapy translate to: an improvement of the human condition.

The article profiles a young boy, Logan Lee, who has been in and out of hospitals for most of his 13 years of life. When the article was written on March 15, he was in the hospital due to an enlarged pancreas, and was receiving synthetic morphine, so was presumably in a lot of pain.

But he was all smiles as his massage therapist came in and provided him with a therapeutic massage that took away his anxiety and pain, relaxing him to the point of sleep.

This article reminded me of the powerful human impact of massage therapy, one that is easy to forget when writing generally about the benefits of massage in hospitals. Please share your anecdotes about massage therapy, and how it has changed your life, or helped you change one of your clients’ lives. Anecdotes like Logan Lee’s should help remind us exactly why massage therapy can be such a positive and powerful force in people’s lives.

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