Leafy Massage – How even kale benefits from a little caress

Food massage, really? Yes, really. Looks like people aren’t the only benefactors from a little rubdown. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times,The California Cook: Kale in a salad?,” highlights the benefits of massaging kale before serving raw.

Flavor wise; massaging these greens cuts down on the bitterness. It also breaks down the cellulose structure, leaving the leaves slightly wilted and silky. Taste and texture surely make a difference in eating enjoyment, and while the nutritional value doesn’t change it is certainly maintained. Cooking will always deplete a vegetable of some of its nutritional value. By kneading the greens instead of cooking kale’s superfood qualities aren’t lost.

A little kale tender, love and care is also suggested to facilitate better digestion.  As discussed above, massage breaks down the vegetable’s cellulose structure, but improves not only texture.  In this process, the greens’ fibers become less tough for the body to chew and digest.

Who knew, massage isn’t just for us mammals.

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