Table Massage

Soothing Your Aches and Pains

Part of a great massage for most people is the soothing of aches and pains and we’ve got you covered. We ensure that the quality of work done by our massage therapists is second to none. All of our therapists use a broad range of contemporary and traditional therapeutic techniques to sooth away your stress and stretch out your kinks.

Chronic Pain & Healing

Therapeutic massage, when applied correctly, is exceptionally good at relieving chronic pain. This pain can often be traced to hypertonic muscles(muscles that are too tight), impingement of nerves(often by a muscle), postural imbalances, and repetitive stresses all of which massage can be highly effective in treating. We have extensive experience treating a multitude of ailments including:
Neck Pain and Dysfunction
Shoulder & Arm Pain and Dysfunction
Hand & Foot Pain and Dysfunction
Low Back Pain and Dysfunction
Sciatica & False Sciatica
Thigh & Leg Pain and Dysfunction
Working With Your Doctor

If you are facing serious or chronic medical conditions we are delighted to work with your doctor and other health care providers to determine the best course of treatment for you. Our theory about treatment plans is to make them robust but light, informative yet flexible. It is silly to get locked into one plan and never change course if you aren’t seeing the results you need. On the other hand it takes time to heal old injuries and this time must be given. We attempt to achieve balance in all areas: your body, your treatment and your life.

Couples Massage

Couples massage can be a treat for you and your loved one. We will bring two tables and two therapists to provide therapeutic massage at the same time. Each client’s needs will be assessed individually to address their specific goals. The massage is the same as any other except that your loved one and you get to experience it at the same time. This is a wonderful gift to give yourself and your husband, wife or partner.

Techniques We Use

We are often asked what technique we use, as with all good massage therapists we combine many techniques to help achieve the goals of our clients. The techniques we know and use are: swedish, deep-tissue, trigger point, strain-counterstrain, muscle energy techniques (MET’s), shiatsu, myofascial release (MFR), cranio-sacral, and many other techniques learned and created over years of experience.

Schedule Your Full Body Massage

Swedish | Deep Tissue

Relaxing | Therapeutic

The best way to schedule full-body massage or find out more about us and the cost of our therapeutic massage services is to fill out the form at the top of the page so we can get an idea of your needs and give you an accurate quote. Prices vary by time and location.

Our premiere service offers 1-2 hour sessions that start at $120/hr. We can work with your needs to find what works for you.

Reach us by phone 8am-5pm Mountain Time at: 1-888-564-6122

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