Corporate Wellness Programs

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JoyLife is excited to announce the addition of a new online wellness tool focused on anxiety treatment.

JoyLife provides customized wellness programs matched to meet your company’s needs and goals. You’ll find our process is unique and offers the best combination of thoroughness, fit and value. As an added benefit, our stepped process offers you a quick and easy entry point. To ensure a close fit between your company’s goals and our services, we run our most popular programs in a 3 stepped fashion:

Step 1: Executive Consultation
Step 2: Company Assessment
Step 3: Wellness Program Implementation


Step 1: Executive Consultation

We start with an Executive Consultation phase to determine the general outlines of a program, including:
Strategic Goals



Step 2: Company Assessment

Our second step assesses detailed goals, where your workforce wellness is at and what type of employee wellness program is needed to best achieve the desired outcomes. In this phase we determine:
First 12 Months of Wellness Program
Key Health Indicators (KHIs)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Type and Amounts of Intervention Required



Step 3: Wellness Program Implementation

The final step is an ongoing iterative process where KHIs and KPIs are routinely measured against goals to ensure progress. This process can be thought of as Train, Measure, Modify, Repeat. Implementation is usually a long-term ongoing process in which we provide:
Training & Tools
Measures & Analytics
Ongoing Consultations
Quarterly Reporting


There are many lenses through which to view employee health, outcomes and the benefits derived for the company. Our goal is to find the right mix of services that will move the dial for your company. Our corporate wellness programs are not one-size-fits-all programs – we offer truly revolutionizing services that will build better employees, better workplaces and ultimately a stronger bottom line.

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