Sports Massage: Football

Football is a difficult sport. Highly trained athletes ranging from 160 to 380 pounds sprint, struggle, push, jump, leap, dodge and tackle each other, all while moving a ball on a small field that is 53.3 yards wide by 100 yards long. As they interact, players’ knees, arms, legs, muscles, bones and bodies, are strained, hyper-extended, tweaked, squeezed, wrenched, pulled, torn and twisted (among other things). If massage therapy has a place anywhere, truly it’s in the therapeutic benefit of sports massage for football players.

Let our therapists help keep you and your team as healthy as possible while training and playing this grueling sport. Our therapists come right to where you need them, be it at the game, in the locker room, at the practice area, or even in your homes. Our professional, certified and licensed therapists can help minimize the pain in joints and muscle after hard days of training or while recovering from the performance of game day. They can also stroke away the stiffness and soreness caused by built up lactic acid and metabolic waste.

Our massage therapists can also give you and your team an advantage, by boosting the health of both body and mind during the long season. Our therapists are trained to match the right type of massage therapy for any situation and condition, which is essential for football as each player can have an array of different maladies each week. Our therapists can ease the muscle contraction of strained knees, relieve the pain of sore arms and legs, and reduce tension in the neck and back. They can also help in the rehabilitation of pulls and tears, along with other soft-tissue injuries, while keeping muscles at proper lengths, rested and ready for performance.

We offer reduced rates for athletes and teams that use our sports massage services regularly. Contact us immediately at our 800-number, or by filling out our online form, so our therapists can start helping you immediately, providing you and your team with the therapeutic care so you can make it through a grueling season and perform well. The stresses of football are too much for one body, no matter how big and strong. So let our therapists keep you and your team ready for game day, strong during training, and relaxed in the off-season.

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