Sports Massage for Basketball Players

Basketball is technically not a contact sport. It’s supposed to feature finesse: running, dribbling and passing, where contact is avoided and speed and athleticism are paramount. While there is truth in this, the reality is that, with bodies flying and players jockeying for position, there is a lot of contact in basketball as well as a lot of fatigue, soreness, and injury as muscles are overused and beat up and bodies tire. Fortunately, our massage therapists can provide the right amount of sports massage to help you and your basketball team make it through the season and excel in competition.

Sports massage can be a key element in the success of a team, especially in such an athletic and physical sport as basketball. Our massage therapists live and work near you and will work their schedule around your training and competition needs.

Whether you need weekly or daily massage therapy sessions to help get your players through tough stretches of training, our therapists will provide the therapeutic touch needed to flush out toxins and lactic acid that build up during periods of heavy exercise.

Our therapists also can help lessen the chances of overuse injuries that basketball players are prone to due to the repetitive actions of basketball (lifting the arms for a rebound, jumping up for a shot, etc.). By focusing on prone joint and muscle groups, our therapists can reduce swelling and muscle contraction, thereby increasing the amount of muscle flexibility and athleticism for your team.

Regular massage therapy will help remove metabolic waste and maintain muscle tone and length, keeping you and your team in peak shape for longer during training. But our massage therapists can also help you prepare for competitions, both before – by offering light, energizing massages before games to get your players loose and ready – and after – by providing deep and focused massage therapy to remove waste and help avoid post-competition soreness.

With almost an hour of sprinting, jumping, and jockeying each game, many games each week, and many weeks in a season, basketball players need sports massage services in order to fend off injury and maintain the highest level of physique as possible. JoyLife Therapeutics’ massage therapists can meet your scheduling needs by bringing all necessary supplies to your training facilities, game-day locations, and even your own homes. Our therapists are specifically trained to adjust their massage therapy techniques to the different injuries (of the shoulder, knee, and muscles) that commonly occur in basketball, so they can help keep the entire team healthy during training, competition, and in the off-season.

Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling our 800-number so we can match your sports massage therapy needs exactly. Basketball is a tough combination of physical grit and athletic ability; make sure you and your team can meet the high amount of training and performance that basketball demands by utilizing our sports massage services.

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