Sports Massage

Improve Your Training and Performance

From world-class sportsmen to more casual competitors, a training regimen is an important guide that allows athletes to achieve their personal and often lofty goals. Sports massage with JoyLife Therapeutics can help support your training regimen, allowing you and your team to avoid injury and excel. Sports massage will get you ready for competition and help you and your team recover after athletic events, lowering the chance of injury and helping improve the possibility of success.

For all athletes, whether you participate in or are coaching football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, hockey, golf, running, bicycling, swimming, or all the other athletic pursuits out there, sports massage is the perfect way to complement your training regimen and boost the level of your team’s performance.

Sports Massage: Improve Your Training

Regular sports massage during your training can help you and your team in multiple ways:

– Sports massages after your harder training days will help ease pain in your muscles and joints
– Sports massages on your easier days will help you maintain appropriate flexibility and muscle length

This will lessen the chance of injury during training, and will help limit the impact of any injury that does develop. This allows athletes to improve their level of strength and conditioning so they can push harder for longer with a lower risk of injury.

Sports Massage: Improve Your Performance

After making it through training, get yourself and your team ready with a light, energizing sports massage before the event. This will improve circulation, boosting blood flow and performance. Ensuring that the body is ready to go – nerve endings stimulated, muscles loose – will help you and your team achieve the level of performance that you all trained so hard to reach.

After the event, a deeper, stronger sports massage will help restore the body’s muscles, helping you and your team to avoid the pain and injury that can often be associated with a grueling performance. Sport massage will help ensure that once you have achieved your goals, you will still be able to enjoy all that comes next.

Sports Massage: Improve Your Health

The tangible benefit that you will see in you and your team’s performances are caused by the therapeutic properties that sports massage possesses. The work of our sports massage therapists will help improve the body’s circulation and lymphatic flow, assisting in the removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste. Sports massage will help you achieve the goals you and your team are trying to reach, increasing or decreasing muscle tone and length and providing the right tools with which to compete. Regular massage has also been shown to help reduce the risk and effects of stress and repetitive stress syndrome.

Sports Massage: Helpful for Everyone

Our sports massage therapists will help improve the quality of your training and performance, helping you to achieve your goals and enjoy your athletic experiences. Our therapists are certified, licensed, and insured to perform any form of sports massage, and are capable of offering nationwide service. They have experience working with professional athletes, as well as those competing at more modest levels, and will cater their services to fit you and your team’s training needs exactly. They come directly to your event or training area with all the materials necessary to provide you with sustaining and soothing sports massage.

We offer reduced rates for regular sports massage services, so, whether you are a coach in Washington DC or a swimmer in Washington state, a discus thrower in Texas or a cross-country skier in Maine, contact us today. Call our 800-number or fill out our online form, and improve your training regimen and the performance of your team with sports massage.

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