Massage Work Application

Chair Massage Work With JoyLife Therapeutics

Please read through and make sure you meet the below requirements before submitting your information.

All of our massage therapists are sub-contractors. This means that you will be responsible for your own insurance, liability, and taxes.

Must be insured – all of our sub-contractors must carry professional liability insurance (generally through AMTA, AMC, ABMP, etc.)

Must be certified/licensed in massage as required by your state, with a minimum of 500 hours of training.

All therapists must also own or have access to a massage chair in good working condition, have a reliable form of transportation and be willing to provide supplies as necessary

Be prompt, professional and well-groomed.

Wear professional looking slacks, polo or button-up shirt (without logos), and clean shoes (dress or tennis shoes are fine) and otherwise meet all dress-code requirements specific to a particular contract.

Have access and ability to send and receive phone calls, texts, faxes and emails for communication with JoyLife.

We are seeking candidates who posses a confident and engaging manner as well as the ability for time and people management. The right applicant will also be well trained and skilled in massage therapy in general and chair massage in particular.

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Are you currently carrying professional liability insurance?

Which group do you carry insurance through? (required)

Do you own or have access to a massage chair?

Do you have access to reliable transportation?

Are you able to provide supplies and print forms when needed?

Additional Skills/Specialties (Please list any additional specialties or related skills ie reflexology, sports massage, yoga instructor, etc)


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