Sports Massage for Tennis Pros

Tennis is a difficult sport when you consider the amount of running players have to do. Add in the forceful, repetitive motions that players’ bodies must endure in order to master serves, volleys, forehands and backhands, and you have a sport that places a lot of stress on muscles, joints and ligaments. Our sports massage therapists are trained to recognize potential injuries that tennis players are prone to, and provide therapeutic sports massage therapy to keep you and your players healthy during training and matches.

Our sports massage therapists are all local, skilled in sports massage therapy and licensed or certified professionally. Sports massage therapy offers athletes of all sports an opportunity to:

– Stay fresh during long stretches of intense training. Sports massage therapy targets sore muscles and joints, increasing circulation and allowing lactic acid and other metabolic wastes to drain away.

– Prevent and reduce the extent of injuries that can occur over the course of a season.

– Help players loosen up and get energized before matches, as well as help them cool down and remain fresh after their matches are over.

Besides the general benefits provided by sports massage therapy, there are also injuries and issues specific to tennis that sports massage therapy can help:

– Tennis elbow. The pain and tenderness that comes from this ailment can end or severely curtail the playing of any tennis player, especially those over the age of 30. The increase in circulation that sports massage therapy provides helps remove unwanted elements that inflame symptoms of tennis elbow. Sports massage around the elbow will also help the flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the injured area, helping to relieve stress placed on the tendon.

– Trigger points. These highly sensitive and irritable spots in muscles can cause pain and limit range of motion, often in areas separate from where the trigger points are located. Our sports massage therapists are trained to spot trigger points and provide direct sports massage therapy that will decrease the deferred pain they cause, helping to improve your play.

– Back, knee, and calf pain. Sports massage helps improve players’ level of strength and health through increased circulation and the removal of harmful bodily wastes. Massage therapy directly to these injury-prone areas will help keep them healthy during training and subsequent tennis matches.

Contact us through our online form or 800-number and provide yourself or your team with therapeutic sports massage therapy from our professional massage therapists. Whether you are a competitive player, or a more recreational one, our sports massage therapists can help ensure that your performance will match your potential and that your playing experience overall will be as painless a possible. Contact us today to ensure the best possible result for you and your tennis team.

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