Convention Marketing

Increasing Visibility and Driving Traffic to Your Booth

Providing complementary chair massage at your convention booth is an excellent way to drive traffic to your booth and get your company noticed. The most difficult challenge in a convention setting is being able to rise above the clamor of your competitors to get a clients attention and hold it. Chair massage at your convention booth provides you with an excellent way to get those few moments to make your pitch.

Making Contact

In our experience having massage therapists on hand giving 5 minutes of chair massage to each attendee who wants one helps you make contact. While your potential client stands in line waiting for his turn at the massage chair you get to introduce yourself and start talking about your own products and services and you get to discover your future client’s needs. As he goes to the chair another future client gets up. Now is your chance, after his satisfying chair massage, to reconnect and follow up on your previous conversation. Time and time again this proves to be one of the most effective ways to build new client relationships in a convention setting.

Your Strategy

We advise our clients to use three key factors when deciding on the right number of massage therapists:
-Number of Sales People staffing the Booth
-Number of Attendees
-Number of Attendees Likely to Want Massage
The most important factor is the number of sales staff on-hand at your booth. Since having the chair massage is all about helping you develop leads, you need as many contact points as customers. We generally recommend 1 massage therapist for every 2 sales people. This ratio will help keep your whole staff busy the entire time. Often, if you use more massage therapists you will see diminishing returns as potential clients leave after their massage not having talked to any of your staff. If you use fewer therapists there often won’t be enough new clients to go around.

The next important step is determining how many attendees may want massage. You want to hit the sweet spot by making people wait few moments for their chair massage to give you time for introductions, but not so much that they don’t want to wait. We recommend a wait time of no more than 5-7 minutes.

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