Sports Massage for Runners

Running, whether long-distance or for short distances on the track, seems like a sport that is peaceful and serene. Runners seem silent in motion, their arms and legs moving in a harmony that seems natural and pain-free. But get closer, or, better yet, get involved in the sport, and you’ll feel the burn of tired muscles, hear the pounding of footsteps on the pavement, and experience the pain that can come to seemingly every muscle in the body. Sports massage therapy is therefore especially relevant to the sport of running even though there is minimal contact and minimal variation of motion. Our sports massage therapists can help keep your team in shape as they prepare for their 100-meter sprints, their long, grueling marathons, and everything in between.

To operate at peak performance, runners need to train by keeping their bodies as fit and lean as possible. This can mean running 20, 30, 40, and 50-plus miles a week. This incredible amount of physical activity can take a toll on muscles and joints, making sports massage therapy especially important for serious runners.

Sports massage therapy can help improve the training process by lessening the amount of stress put on runners’ muscles, joints and bodies. It does this by:

1. Improving muscle flexibility and looseness. Sports massage therapy can help get you and your team of runners ready for race day with light, energizing massages that aid in the stretching process.

2. Decreasing muscle inflammation and soreness. Therapeutic sports massage helps drain away metabolic waste and lactic acid that make muscles sore and slow runners down. Sports massage therapy after hard training days and performances can help ensure faster recovery, allowing for extensive training.

3. Reducing the risk of injury. Our sports massage therapists know the signs of tense and afflicted muscles and joints, and can target these areas specifically with therapeutic sports massage. This will help the body’s natural healing processes, allowing for improved circulation and blood flow to affected areas, which means a faster recovery and a quick return to training.

4. Aiding in the general relaxation of the runner and his or her muscle groups. Our sports massage therapists target trigger points and other problem areas (shin splints, calf and other muscle strains) that can lead to tension and pain in runners. Moreover, massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress levels and fatigue, allowing your athletes to maintain a high level of general well being.

Our sports therapists are local to your area, and come with all supplies needed for therapeutic massage. Whether you need sports massage services at your races, at training, or just as a pleasant surprise for your running team, contact us today by filling out our online form or calling our 800-number. Our therapists can meet you at the track, on the cross-country course, or at your training facility, and can be used to help the entire team, or specific athletes, with their ailments. Whatever the case, contact us today and help make running as pain-free as possible.

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