Special Event Massage

Providing chair massage at your event is great way to create memories and enhance everyone’s experience. Special events are usually fun and social, but they can also be stressful emotionally and physically. By providing complementary chair massage to your guests you help reduce their stress levels and keep them happy and on their feet for longer, leading to a more successful event

We can provide chair and/or table massage for your special event like:

Golf Tournaments
Sporting Events
Holiday Celebrations
and more!

Chair massage can also be a great way to unwind, prevent injuries and limit next-day muscle soreness and fatigue after league games with your local sports league or club. It’s great for all sports including soccer, basketball, racquetball and tennis, volleyball, softball and baseball, rugby, golf, and more. Chair massage is particularly effective at charity events like celebrity golf tournaments where many participants are not full time athletes. Chair massage is the perfect way to keep players and spectators on their feet, enjoying the day and free from injury.

Event Planners

We offer highly flexible and coordinated planning for all of our clients, but event planners are special. We know that your clients demand the very best from you and that your reputation rests on delivering the goods. At JoyLife Therapeutics we understand your needs and will meet or exceed your expectations every time. We will guarantee arrival times and other features based on your needs in writing so you can be assured that we will do everything within our control to make your event shine. We can also do special discounts for professional event and wedding planners based on volume.

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