Hospitals Now Offering Therapeutic Massage to Pregnant Women and New Moms

Several Tennessee hospitals have begun offering therapeutic massage to women who are delivering babies within their network of facilities. The program offers both prenatal and neuromuscular massage to help ease muscle tension, improve posture and to aid the immune system’s capability to decrease swelling. Prenatal massage can reduce anxiety and keep blood pressure under control, which can be of great help in the delivery process. Postpartum massage has been proven effective in treating muscle aches and improving muscle strength, promoting faster healing, and helping to enhance milk production.
Expectant and new mothers are provided with a no-cost, doctor-approved, fifteen minute massage during their stay. Women can choose to have their massage focused on the back, head and shoulder area, or lower extremities. Program organizers believe that therapeutic massage is an excellent way to improve the patient’s comfort and overall experience and additional massages are offered at a reduced cost.
New parents also have the opportunity to attend infant massage classes. Infant massage is beneficial for both parents and infants, as it helps the bonding process by releasing endorphins. Hospital staff encourage infant massage to help create a strong bond between parents and newborns. Infant massage has also been shown to stimulate the growth of neuro-pathways and to alleviate colic. A gentle touch can be reassuring to a newborn, helping to both calm anxiety and stimulate the senses.

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