Barefoot Massage: What is it exactly?

This blog has dedicated itself to exploring massage therapy’s many modalities (trigger point therapy, geriatric, baby, among others). So it seemed natural that a modality that sounds as interesting as “barefoot massage” would deserve investigation.

The only problem: there seems to be a dearth of quality information about barefoot massage out there.

And this is not because it’s a suspect modality (like snake massage) as the AMTA lists continuing education courses in barefoot massage. It’s even listed in a Newsweek article as an interesting new modality offered in different areas across the country.

Since it’s a modality I’m not familiar with, I tried searching various academic and professional sites, but couldn’t find anything explaining barefoot massage and how it worked. A Google search also turned up nothing serious, just a lot of marketing articles and articles describing how 41-year-old Olympian Dara Torres used barefoot massage therapy as part of her training to win three silver medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

Other than these glancing or promotional references, there doesn’t seem to be anything else informative written about barefoot massage. So, please, to all you massage therapists and aficionados out there who may have experience in or interesting information about barefoot massage, use the comments section to get us some information about this potentially interesting modality. Is it something worth researching and writing about, or something we should consider when thinking of other massage “modalities” like snake massage?

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