Blow your allergies (and mucus) away with massage

Sniffles. Check. Trash can full of wet tissues. Check. Constant sneezing. Check. Allergy season is always around, dependent on where you live and what kind of allergens you react to. And this can make play, and even work, very tough to accomplish. After all, it’s difficult to focus on anything when you are constantly stopping to blow your nose. Fortunately, massage, especially from a trained massage therapist, can help relieve nasal congestion caused by allergies, allowing your sinuses – and yourself – to relax and breathe easy.

I recommend a certified or licensed massage when dealing with nasal congestion because they will know the exact spot of your body to focus on. In addition, they will massage these areas with the right amount of strength to clear your sinuses and help your nose recover. They also can provide the right mix of aromatherapy oils, peppermint, eucalyptus, and other muscle and sinus-loosening scents that will relax and clear your head.

However, if you are trapped in an emergency nasal situation, you can always perform a self-massage in a pinch to help clear your sinus cavities. Tap the area above your chest gently to shake up the backed up phlegm, then use long, smooth stokes away from your chest, towards your throat, to help send the phlegm out of your body.

Nasal congestion can be a big problem, causing discomfort in your daily activities as well as physical discomfort in the face and ears. Massage will provide temporary relief by unblocking and taking away the mucus that has blocked your sinuses; it will also lead to more permanent relief as it relaxes your body – increasing circulation flow and lowering blood pressure – allowing your body to stay stress-free and more able to deal with the many allergens that are constantly attacking your body.

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