Massage Helps Combat Fatigue

The fight against fatigue is a familiar battle for many people.  Caffeine is a common weapon, but it leaves its victims frazzled and lethargic. One increasingly popular weapon used to fight fatigue is therapeutic massage.  If you exert yourself on a regular basis, you will eventually notice a general weariness. This is the first sign of fatigue, and can lead to the inability to continue functioning at your normal level.

Massage is known to increase energy and alertness.  Table or chair (seated) massage can help treat the stress related symptoms of fatigue. Acupressure can be incorporated to promote circulation and release muscular tension, aiding the body with its natural self-curative abilities. Massage can even be an alternative to taking medication for those suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

One prevalent form of fatigue is jet lag.  Massage is especially helpful in dealing with this frequent malady of travelers.  It is even common to see chair massage offered at an airport.  Massage therapists are knowledgeable about which pressure points will help reduce the stress of travel while increasing energy.

Fatigue can manifest itself both mentally and physically, and massage is a good treatment for both aspects. Even during a 15-minute chair massage, your mind is given the chance to turn off as your body slowly releases its tensions. Massage can also alleviate the burning and tight sensations in your muscles that are caused by fatigue.  It is important to remember that massage does not just feel great to receive, but continues to make you feel great after the treatment is over.

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