Manage Workplace Stress with Corporate Massage

As more corporations begin to downsize, workplace stress is at an all time high.  Workers are increasingly worried about their job stability and employees are shouldering the burden of heavier workloads as staff numbers decrease.  Many employees are even reluctant to take any vacation time.  Within the current economic climate, these conditions are not expected to improve soon, and a rise in stress related illness is anticipated.  Corporate massage is a proven way to mitigate physical and emotional stress and can aid businesses of all sizes to maintain a healthy workforce.

It is important to recognize some of the ways that workplace stress contributes to illness and its cost in lost productivity.  The University of Rochester Medical Center studied more than 20,000  people over a wide range of vocations and found that stress in the workplace was a leading contributor to major depressive episodes among men and women alike.  Depression is the most common cause of disabling health problems throughout the world and the true cost in lost productivity is nearly incalculable.

The Touch Research Institute has conducted extensive research regarding the benefits of massage as a complimentary treatment for depression.  Many of the studies focus on the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is considered a key factor in depressive illness.  The body’s inablilty to secrete or absorb enough serotonin is believed to be a root cause of depression.  The relationship between high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and its ability to block the absorption of serotonin have also been examined.  The resulting data has shown that massage can significantly and immediately reduce the levels of cortisol, while simultaneously increasing serotonin levels.  These positive results could be attained with a short massage session, such as with chair massage.

Work spaces with poor ergonomic design can cause a rise in aches and pains and even lead to more serious repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Repetitive stress injuries usually involve the upper body, causing inflammation and recurring pain in  the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists or back.  Chronic pain conditions are believed to cost companies over half a billion dollars each year in absenteeism, lost productivity and increased healthcare expenditures.  Scheduling regular workplace chair massage sessions can relieve the pain and swelling of injuries and lessen the need for costly prescription pain medications or surgeries.

Corporate massage is a reliable and convenient way to calm anxiety and help employees to regain focus.  A massage chair is quickly set up in a quiet corner or office and can comfortably adjust to suit all body types.  The massage session lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, concentrating on the back and upper body while providing deep relaxation and stress relief.  Clients remain completely dressed, as no oils are used on the body.  Aromatherapy and reflexology can also be added as part of the office massage session.  Analysis of data from several studies shows that cognitive function and creativity are improved after receiving just a few minutes of workplace massage.

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