Learn More About JoyLife’s Amazing Chair Massage & Wellness Services

JoyLife provides chair massage and other wellness services across the US to clients large and small. Let our clients tell you about us:

“We were extremely pleased … professional and courteous.”

Tamela Hysten,

“We had a perfect event. It was truly a success.”

Becky Solis,
JPMorgan Chase

“I would highly recommend your company to others.”

Captain Douglas Stiles,
United States Air Force

Why choose us as your massage provider?

1. Enterprise Level Consistency Since 2005

You can count on JoyLife. Founded in 2005 to help bring massage and other wellness services to the corporate world, we have deep institutional experience and a passion for improving peoples’ lives. As an organization we expect exceptional outcomes and so can you.

2. Amazing Back Office Support

We manage every aspect of your massage event to ensure success. In addition to our institutional knowledge, we have built proprietary backend software to enable us to serve each client with maximum effectiveness. You don’t need to become an expert in the massage field, simply fill out our quick questionnaire and we’ll make sure you get the high quality service your event deserves.

3. Strongest Therapist Network

JoyLife provides chair massage services in every city and town in the US. Over the past 9 years we have built a network of massage therapists of the highest quality by meticulously weeding out underperforming therapists. We use a multi-step verification process, continual refinement and a proprietary database to ensure that you receive the best therapists available.

What Type of Massage Do We Provide?

Perhaps the most appropriate response is: What are your event goals?

We don’t provide one type of massage, instead we help you figure out what type of massage you need for your event to be successful. Below you’ll find a review of some of the most common scenarios in which we work, but this isn’t the limit of our abilities, if your event needs something a little different, just ask!

Corporate Chair Massage

The largest segment of our clients use our corporate chair massage service. For this service 1 or more trained, experienced, licensed(where applicable) and insured massage therapist(s) comes to your office (or other workplace), bringing a specialized massage chair and all the necessary support materials. During each session the therapist works one-on-one with the recipient to provide the massage they need. This can vary from a general relaxation focused massage, to one that focuses on a recipient’s problem area, like a stiff neck or sore back.

Trade Show Marketing

Another common setting where we provide chair massage service is at trade show booths. This is an amazingly synergistic service to add to your trade show marketing plan. Our clients consistently tell us that offering massage to trade show attendees at their booth significantly increases foot traffic and lead generation for their marketing efforts, often on the order of 100-200%. We typically hear that in their experience, chair massage is the single best investment they make when planning their trade show marketing.

Corporate Wellness Programs

We offer chair massage and wellness classes that you can incorporate into your company’s wellness program. Chair massage as incorporated into a wellness program is usually designed to provide recipient sessions on the longer end of the spectrum, typically at least 15 minutes. When this is done as a regular part of a wellness program, we are able to offer great rates. Let us know if you are looking for ongoing service and we’ll be able to give you additional discounts.

The wellness classes we offer vary from Healthy Eating seminars lead by a Registered Dietitian to Yoga for the Office to Smoking Cessation programs. We also offer comprehensive wellness programs. Our wellness specialists will work with you to design a program to meet your company’s needs.

click here for more information on our comprehensive wellness programs

Other Common Chair Massage Settings

In addition to the services highlighted above, we often provide massage services at the following types of events:

  • Special Events, Parties & Private Events
  • Sporting Events: Golf, Running, Basketball, Football, Soccer,
  • Marketing & Promotional Events
  • Appreciation Events (Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation, Admin Professionals Week, Volunteer Appreciation)
  • Client Gifts

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