Hilot Massage: Traditionally Modern

It’s rare in an age of globalism and near instant satisfaction, that one man’s luxury is another man’s last resort. Hilot, the traditional healing massage and diagnostic practice of the Philippines is one such rarity. Hilot has been practiced since … Continue reading

Slip into the ancient art of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is an intense, heavy pressure massage originating from India and its historic medical text, the Ayurdeva. This particularly rigorous experience focuses on the marmas, or special pressure points, of the body and used to accomplish one of four … Continue reading

Lomi Lomi: Bringing Aloha to the world

Like the Hawaiian Islands themselves, Lomi Lomi massage is much more intricate and unusual than its first appearance. While mostly the use of a practitioner’s hands on the client’s body, it also combines meditation, assisted stretching and a psychological purging … Continue reading

DOMS and Massage, Part II

Previously we looked at theories about post-exercise massage, highlighting a classic misconception of lactic acid, its affects, and the discovery of lactic acid as a fuel. To recap, until recently physiologists believed that lactic acid caused Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness … Continue reading

Lactic Acid, DOMS and Massage: Tidbits of what we know (Part 1 of 2)

Delayed-onset muscle soreness, DOMS, is the soreness and tenderness in your muscles after strenuous exercise.  Previously it was believe that lactic acid was the cause, but studies have moved past that theory.  Many believe massage is extremely beneficial for post-exercise … Continue reading

Leafy Massage – How even kale benefits from a little caress

Food massage, really? Yes, really. Looks like people aren’t the only benefactors from a little rubdown. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times, “The California Cook: Kale in a salad?,” highlights the benefits of massaging kale before serving raw. … Continue reading

Massage Therapy Profession Steady and on the Rise

According to US Money News Best Jobs 2012, it’s a good year to be a massage therapist. Here’s a breakdown of the many reasons massage therapy is a becoming a go-to field. Massage therapists can specialize in a range of … Continue reading

Massage Therapy Shown To Be the Best Choice of Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Massage therapists often gush about the therapeutic properties of massage therapy, saying it can lower levels of anxiety and stress, improve wellness, and even reduce pain. And for the most part, they’re right. Indeed, many academic studies have demonstrated the … Continue reading

Exploring Massage Therapy: Myofascial Release (Part II)

In our previous entry we described myofascial release, how it compares to structural integration, and the need to be highly trained in the modality in order to know how to manipulate fascia in the correct way so it creates an … Continue reading

Exploring Massage Therapy: Myofascial Release (Part I)

On the more therapeutic side of massage therapy, many modalities exist that focus on specific health benefits. We have written before, for example, about acupressure, structural integration, and the effectiveness of massage therapy as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) … Continue reading

Massage Therapy Shown To Be Effective in Relieving Back and Neck Pain

Another week, yet another really great article and conclusion to reference from the Massage Therapy Journal. From page 97 of its Winter, 2010 edition, there is an excellent article demonstrating massage therapy’s proven effectiveness in relieving chronic neck and lower … Continue reading

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief from Scars

Last week we wrote generally about how sports massage therapy can help football players, stating that regular massage can help keep players fresh during long periods of training, as well as help players avoid or manage their injuries. Yet another … Continue reading

Sports Massage Therapy and Football

The large, hulking physique of a professional football player usually doesn’t illicit images of a massage therapist, but to the writers of this Blog it most certainly does. Why?

Compiling Data from the AMTA’s and ABMP’s 2010 Massage Therapy Fact Sheets: Money and Massage Therapists

Last week we looked at the ABMP’s and the AMTA’s fact sheets for 2010 (click here and here) and found that the industry is a multi-billion-dollar one that is growing quickly in the amount of money it generates per year. … Continue reading

Compiling Data from the AMTA’s and ABMP’s 2010 Massage Therapy Fact Sheets: Money

Forgive me again for being late in exploring this (we’re way into 2011 already!), but I wanted take a look at the industry fact sheets for massage therapy of 2010 from two major professional organizations, the AMTA and the ABMP. … Continue reading

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