Massage Therapists: Ten Tips to Keep In Shape and Enjoy Longevity

A Guide to Self Care

1. Maintain body awareness!

Learn and practice correct body mechanics at all times. Whether you realize it or not, good body mechanics are the “do or die” key to having a long, healthy, injury-free massage practice.

2. Stay Limber!
It’s important to stretch for at least 10 minutes before and after a table or chair massage session, making sure to focus on neck, shoulders, wrists, hands and low back.

3. Exercise!
A regular exercise regimen gives you energy and stamina and is a great way to increase career longevity. It also can set a good example for your clients.

4. Get massage!
Your clients aren’t the only ones who need healing touch. Make sure to get bodywork at least 2-4 times per month.

5. Stay hydrated!
Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after a table or chair massage session.

6. Stay nourished!
Never go into a table or chair massage session hungry. Try to plan your daily schedule with sufficient time for you to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. If you ever don’t have time for a full break, be sure to at least have a quick, healthy snack on hand to keep you going.

7. Get plenty of rest!
When you aren’t well rested, you can’t give your clients the energy and focused attention that great massage requires.

8. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!
If you travel with your massage table or massage chair, be good to your body and get a cart with wheels to move it around on to avoid injury and fatigue.

9. Schedule Responsibly!
No matter how good the money may seem, scheduling too many massage sessions in a day or a week can work against you in the end. If you overwork yourself, you may be more vulnerable to injury and illness, which can put you out of practice for long periods of time.

10. Keep Learning!
Continuing education through, workshops, seminars, lectures and online courses are great ways to keep up on the latest information and discoveries in your field. Staying informed keeps your mind alert and your practice fresh and creative.

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