Chair Massage in Boston is Good for Business!

Boston Office Massage-Supporting the Workplace

Also offering Corporate Massage in Boston

Beantown’s economy is rooted in academics, medicine, finance, and scientific technology, which also makes it one of America’s wealthiest cities. This type of pressure can make for a stressful day at the office. So companies are starting to recognize the importance of chair massage in the Boston workplace. JoyLife Therapeutics specializes in on-site office massage, providing hard-working employees with the personal attention they deserve. Bring a sense of calm to the chaos with chair massage in your Boston workplace. You’re sure to see a positive change in the general well-being of your entire company.

The Hub’s high-tech companies, biotechnology industries, and financial services make Boston a center for commerce and trade. Competing with these industry leaders for top-notch job candidates requires you to demonstrate how you will value an employee once he or she is hired. Offering massage in your Boston workplace shows that you support your staff and care about their health. In remarkably windy and wet cities like Boston, chair massage strengthens the body’s immune system, resulting in less sick days and lower health care costs.

Boston Office Massage Complements Any Workday

JoyLife Therapeutics provides Boston massage services to immediately harmonize and rejuvenate your office environment. Supply it once a week or in conjunction with those hectic deadlines. Employees will not only feel better at work, but they will feel better after work and they’ll sleep more soundly too. All this wellness adds up to increased productivity and lowered incidents of work- and stress-related injury-results you can easily achieve in your own Boston company with corporate massage.

Our Boston chair massage therapists are licensed and insured professionals who work with you to make office massage simple and non-intrusive. We bring our own portable massage chairs and spend an average of fifteen minutes per individual session, concentrating on those tension spots that are specific to your industry. Do your employees spend all day on their feet or are they parked at desks and in chairs for several hours at a time? No matter what the situation is JoyLife restores balance and flow to the bodies that keep your company in motion.

Flex Your Creative Muscles with Boston Trade Show Massage

As the Cradle of Modern America, Boston boasts a Convention & Exhibition Center that covers a massive 1.6 million square feet. With JoyLife Therapeutics chair massage at your Boston trade show booth, your company will shine like a beacon to all those weary convention-goers. Chair massage draws in more attendees to your exhibit and increases the amount of time you have with those contacts. Using massage to relax and revive your visitors makes them more receptive to your ideas and more inclined to see your company as a forward-thinking, innovator. Our Boston massage therapists team up with your exhibitors to get the most out of your event. While attendees briefly wait in line for a chair massage, you have time for initial introductions. After each visitor has received a relaxing massage, you can reconnect and follow up with your pitch. Free massage at your Boston convention booth will ensure that you get noticed and more importantly, that your company is remembered.

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