Minneapolis-St. Paul Chair Massage Services

Minneapolis Office Massage-Helping Your Company to Stand Tall

You don’t have to be a large corporation to offer employees massage in your Minneapolis or St. Paul office. Chair massage works for any size and type of business that manages a hard-working staff. Spending all day at a desk or in an industrial setting can lead to work-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic muscle fatigue. Treat your employees to a Minneapolis workplace massage as a regular benefit or to reward them after meeting a big deadline. JoyLife Therapeutics makes it simple to say “Thank you” with workplace chair massage.

Companies in the Twin Cities compete on a national level for the best employees. Standing out in this crowd can mean a big difference to job applicants. Provide corporate massage in your Minneapolis-St. Paul workplace to attract the best and the brightest to your company. By including chair massage in your benefits and wellness packages, you demonstrate that you make employee welfare a top priority. JoyLife’s Minneapolis massage therapists help you create a positive and productive work environment that everyone will appreciate.

Minneapolis Corporate Massage is More than an Office Perk

Bringing massage to your Minneapolis office boosts employee morale and enhances problem solving skills and alertness. A quick chair massage can produce immediate effects such as relieving back pain, providing a needed break, reducing stress and improving posture and attitude. Less stress and better fitness mean a healthier staff and health care savings for your company.

Minneapolis-St. Paul workplace massage is already helping your competitors gain an edge. Don’t wait any longer to add this valuable service to your list of office perks. Contact JoyLife Therapeutics to begin Minneapolis chair massage in your office. Our massage therapists are licensed and fully insured. They come to your workplace when it’s convenient, providing all that is necessary to relax and enliven your employees. JoyLife can begin supporting your staff in achieving their full potential with on-site Minneapolis chair massage as soon as you make the call.

Minneapolis Trade Show Massage-Your Most Powerful Promotional Tool

The Minneapolis Convention Center has been listed as one of the Top 15 Most Eco-Friendly convention centers in the nation by Expo Magazine. Join this commercially-conscious movement by having free chair massage at your next Minneapolis convention booth. Attendees will flock to your exhibit, eager to receive your message, as their minds are calmed and their bodies are rejuvenated. JoyLife Therapeutics coordinates with your sales team to make the most of your time at the show.

Offering massage at your Minneapolis trade show proves that you have your customers’ happiness and best interests in mind. Visitors will take notice and respond with openness and receptivity to your products and services. As they await a massage, you have the chance to introduce your company and once they are finished it’s time reconnect and acquire that contact as a future client. Exhibitors who receive massage will also find themselves fully refreshed and able to outlast the competition.

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