New York City Chair Massage Services

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New York City is the “City that Never Sleeps”. This motto is indicative of life for most New Yorkers – always on the move. Being so busy can be straining and on-site chair massage is the perfect way to help relax, reduce muscle soreness and decrease stress. JoyLife Therapeutics can provide your company and its employees with a one time special thank you or a regular massage plan to help reduce the incidence of work related aches and pains and increase team morale. Few things bring employees together in a positive way that promotes health, communication and efficiency like office massage.

JoyLife is flexible enough to meet the demands of your business once a week or once a year and from 10 massages to 10,000. JoyLife’s mobile office massage specialists will bring corporate quality massage to your work environment benefiting your employees and your business.

Chair Massage for Your Trade Show in New York

Convention goers can be a tough crowd to please, challenging even the most talented sales team. An excellent tool to meet this challenge is chair massage at your convention booth. Chair massage will make your booth one of the most popular attractions at any convention, giving you the time and opportunity to meet potential clients and pitch your product or service. On-site massage at convention booths has become a proven way to dramatically raise your sales force’s visibility.

Chair Massage for Special Events in New York

The difference between a good event and a spectacular event can be subtle. Special events often put stressful demands on participants, especially when the event lasts for many hours. Chair massage is an ideal way to energize fatiguing attendees and give your event a memorable accent. By carefully crafting your event to include chair massage in the middle of the event you can keep your company for longer times and ensure they are happy to be in attendance. We provide services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events like golf tournaments, holiday celebrations, and much more. If you are a professional event planner remember, JoyLife specializes in making you and your event look great.

JoyLife Therapeutics has the experience and skill to meet your time, size and budget demands. To find out more about us or get a quote for a job you have in mind contact us today through one of the links above. JoyLife Therapeutics is a premiere provider of chair massage services in the New York area.

Massage Resources in New York City

Body Concepts wellness Institute – Massage School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy – Massage School in Brooklyn, New York

New York College of Health Professions – Massage School with campuses in Syosset, Long Island and Brooklyn, New York

Helma Institute – Massage School in Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Swedish Institute – College of Health Sciences in New York, New York

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