Seattle Chair Massage Replaces the Coffee Break

Seattle Workplace Massage Perks Up Employees

A fifteen-minute chair massage in your Seattle workplace takes the same amount of time as a coffee break, but generates better results. On-site massage lacks the crash effect that accompanies a stimulant like coffee, and still provides increased energy and heightened alertness. Employees feel energized without the nervous buzz, experiencing instead a sense of relaxed confidence.

The benefits of our Seattle chair massage include improving imagination and resourcefulness, reducing productivity losses, increasing job satisfaction and company-wide morale, and balancing the effects of stress on the job. Workers will welcome the friendlier, more amicable atmosphere that Seattle chair massage can help to establish. Customers will notice a better edge to your staff, when you offer corporate chair massage in your Seattle company. Your competitors will also take notice of the improvements in your customer service and overall company attitude.

Seattle Corporate Massage Serves Up Positive Results

JoyLife Therapeutics’ Seattle massage therapists provide a healthy alternative to the average midday pick-me-up. We provide everything necessary to bring on-site massage into your Seattle workplace. You supply the deserving employees and then leave it up to us to recharge their bodies, calm their minds, and restore their spirits. We set up and schedule sessions in a way that does not interfere with the flow of office traffic or your daily routine. We make it simple to thank employees for their time and efforts.

Seattle office massage is quickly becoming a standard in many companies. The Emerald City is one of the most educated American cities, which attributes to the fact that Seattle workers recognize a good sustainable business practice like chair massage in the workplace. Massage increases immunity and well-being, which leads to fewer sick days and less stress-related health care spending. JoyLife Therapeutics’ Seattle massage therapists offer solutions for preventing and relieving job-related injuries and introducing better posture and relaxation techniques to your staff. Healthier, more satisfied employees create better commerce.

Seattle Trade Show Massage Works the Crowd

Attract the attention of attendees and work the larger crowd with Seattle convention massage at your next exhibit. Getting them to notice your booth and then to spend time with your exhibitors requires providing visitors with something that they can use-a quick, complimentary chair massage to help lift their spirits and recharge their batteries.

Once they fall in line, you will have time to make introductions. After receiving a massage, they will be more open to what you have to say and will want to reconnect with your sales team to extend their thanks and to get the full details on your products and services. JoyLife Therapeutics knows the power of having massage at your Seattle trade show event and wants to help you draw in record numbers of visitors using this influential approach. Your own exhibitors also gain strength and relaxation from a chair massage. Make the most of their energy and your investment with JoyLife massage services at your next Seattle convention.

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