Cambridge Corporate Chair Massage

It is common knowledge in most Cambridge, Massachusetts workplaces that Cambridge chair massage is a relaxing treat that many business owners offer their employees. But, to gain some perspective, it’s important to look briefly back into the not too distant history before there was Cambridge corporate massage, to be able to see how much of a necessity it really is.

Before there was chair massage in Cambridge, Mass., people who worked in offices spent a lot of time complaining about their aches and pains. Valuable time they could have been spending being productive was spent obsessing over how much it hurt to turn their heads to the side, or how hard it was on their shoulders to have to carry their heavy briefcases to and from work on the subway everyday. Employees would call in sick some days, not because of the flu, but because they were so stiff or achy, they could hardly move their bodies. Tension was high. Morale was low. There was no relief.

Then, a miracle happened. The massage chair was invented, which allowed people to comfortably receive massage while fully clothed. It was completely portable and took up very little space, making it the ideal tool for massage therapists to bring massage to places where it had not previously been possible. Chair massage started cropping up in grocery stores, outdoor fairs, convention booths, and, of course in corporate settings. It was, and is, revolutionary. Now, instead of walking around the office, distracted by pain and discomfort, unable to focus on work, corporate America has another option.

More and more employers are offering corporate massage in Cambridge. Employers are seeing the benefits that offering Cambridge chair massage can bring. Office massage in Cambridge can greatly reduce an employee’s stress. Cambridge massage has also been proven to increase the strength of a person’s immune system, allowing them to heal quicker and call in sick much less often. Employers have also noticed that Cambridge office massage is a morale booster. They have found that their employees feel better about their jobs and themselves when offered the benefit of chair massage in Cambridge, MA.

All of these positive benefits are more than just hearsay. Scientific research backs up these claims with hard evidence. Research has proven that Cambridge chair massage can improve mood, morale, concentration, focus and injury recovery as well as decrease pain, stress, anxiety and sick days taken.

If Cambridge massage can do all this for corporate America, why doesn’t every office provide it? Perhaps it is because they have yet to discover that Cambridge office massage is much more than just a luxury. Or, perhaps, it is because they have yet to discover how easy JoyLife Therapeutics can make providing Cambridge corporate massage in their office. Just a call to JoyLife Therapeutics and everything will be handled. We offer a highly flexible service that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your workplace. Our Cambridge office massage therapists are certified and insured professionals with high standards of excellence. Let us provide you and your employees with the best Cambridge corporate massage available.

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