Equine Massage: Not Just for Elite Horses

We’ve written before about horses and animal massage therapy, mainly that animal massage is a growing industry among pet owners and that even some famous owners (Kentucky Derby winners and the Queen of England) spring for massage therapy for their horses.

Today I want to pass along an article from the Jackson, NJ Tri-Town News, that focuses on equine massage therapy (horse massage) and one therapist’s efforts in New Jersey to rehabilitate and maintain the health of horses who have retired from the racetrack or who have been rescued from slaughterhouse auctions.

Indeed, equine massage isn’t just for the highly pampered horse or the elite racers. Instead, as the article outlines, massage therapy can help all horses in a similar way it helps humans, by increasing blood flow and lowering tension to improve a horse’s physical and mental health.

Of course, the highest trained therapists in equine massage will still be a luxury for thoroughbreds getting ready for their race, but training for the modality is offered to all therapists as well at on-site training facilities or at-home (Equissage, for example, is a major training organization in America and Europe).

And, as the Tri-Town News article demonstrates, the reaction horses have to a trained equine massage therapist can range from simple relaxation to improved health. This means it can be a useful therapy for older horses suffering from old age and a life of being ridden, or a younger horse struggling with developmental issues.

Often the expense for office massage therapy (for humans) is justified as a cost-effective way to boost morale and productivity. Can equine massage be similarly justified? According to the Tri-Town News article, some businesses think so. And, based on the expanding market for pet massage and massage therapy in general, don’t be surprised if more literature becomes available soon demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of equine massage therapy due to its health benefits for horses.

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