Massage Therapy Festival and Hall of Fame

We wrote recently about NFL football player Errick (Ricky) Williams wanting to become a massage therapist after he finished his impressive football career. On a lighter note, there’s also been some news about Britney Spears wanting to become a professional massage therapist (although these reports – and the individual dedication – don’t seem to be as serious as Errick Williams’).

While these two names bring some celebrity to the world of massage therapy, others from the profession are trying to bring fame to massage therapy from within. As announced, this June, at Berea College, in Kentucky, the fifth annual World Massage Festival and induction ceremony for the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame will take place.

This year’s festival, will feature:

–       A bluegrass concert.

–       A massage symposium.

–       The chance to mingle with massage therapists and vendors.

The festival also features classes on a wide variety of topics, such as the Bowen Technique, Lomi Lomi, marketing with social media, and many others, all taught by professionals that are coming to the festival.  The list of instructors and classes available is quite impressive: click here to see an example, Friday, June 18’s schedule.

Saturday, June 19 will feature a keynote speech by Paul St. John, developer of the St. John method of Neuromuscular Therapy, and the induction of 12 people into the massage therapy hall of fame.

As you can tell by all the links and bullet points, a lot is going on. The festival has grown in size and scope since its first year in 2006. The festival and the idea of a massage therapy hall of fame originated from then Florida governor Jeb Bush, who wanted to have an event to honor massage therapy and the massage therapists of his state. With the event now in Kentucky – and expecting over 1,000 people – his idea appears to have blossomed into a national celebration of massage therapy.

With planned festivals – including honorees and speakers already lined up – all the way through 2012, let’s hope the popularity and success of this and other such festivals continues to grow, helping massage therapy to gain recognition not as a second career for celebrities, but as a form of alternative medicine that features some pretty accomplished “celebrities” of its own.

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