Keep Your Back Strong With Massage

If you appreciate sitting, standing, bending, reaching, pulling, pushing, or doing many of the other daily actions we all take for granted everyday, you won’t appreciate this: All these actions can lead to back pain. This is why four out of every five adults have experienced back pain in their lives, and why back pain is the second leading cause for employees missing work among adults under age 45 (the first being the common cold). There is hope, however, as several studies have shown that massage therapy can help ensure your continued ability to sit, stand, and do all the other essential actions of daily life pain-free.

The back is made up of powerful muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints, and all these things can be strained if they are poorly conditioned or overworked.  A combination of exercise and massage therapy can help deal with back pain that is already occurring, and also in the prevention of back pain that may occur in the future.

Millions of Americans are at risk of back pain, and this number does not just include the elderly and ill. Many American employees, young and old, sit in front of a computer console all day, allowing the muscles that support their spine to atrophy. Then, on the weekend, when they ramp up the activity by playing sports, going outdoors, or even just doing basic household chores, they run the risk of straining their backs. While most pain lasts only a couple of days or weeks, by receiving massage therapy you can improve blood circulation, increase endorphin levels, and relax your muscles for an improved range of motion that will allow you more freedom to do the things you want to on the weekend.

People whom are already experiencing chronic back pain – a pain that lasts more than three months – can also improve their condition by receiving regular massage therapy.  Massage therapy can decrease the intensity of pain, leading to lower levels of medication and money spent to alleviate back pain. Many people with chronic back pain also see a chiropractor, whose manipulations of the spine can affect the muscles surrounding the spine, causing stress and spasm. A massage can relax these muscles, helping maintain spine manipulations and allowing chiropractic work to last longer. 

So whether you sit all day in front of a computer, sleep all night on a bad mattress, have a history of back pain, or just want to ensure your ability to do everyday activities, schedule in some regular massage therapy to ensure that your back gets all the care it needs to keep you on your feet. 

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