Massage Therapy Profession Steady and on the Rise

According to US Money News Best Jobs 2012, it’s a good year to be a massage therapist. Here’s a breakdown of the many reasons massage therapy is a becoming a go-to field.

Massage therapists can specialize in a range of treatment – from deep tissue to acupressure and even rolfing. This makes each therapist unique to his or her specialty. Not to mention most therapists practice multiple techniques, widening their target markets even more.

Client bases are also endless, the elderly, moms-to-be or athletes. Every facet of society needs a massage now and again.  Leaving little to no lulls in business. What can beat that?

Employment is also an ease factor. A therapist can work for an employer – a hotel or a spa, a contracted position such as Joylife or they can just as easily be self-employed and own their own business.  This being said, therapists most often make their own schedules, allowing for a rich personal life if so desired. Because of the physical demands of the job hours often fall below 40.

The demand for massage services is growing. US Money News reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics a projected 20.1 percent growth in massage therapists between 2010 and 2020. Salary fluctuates from a 25th percentile of $24,220 to a 75th percentile of $51,410, and median of $34,900. It is unclear if these numbers take into account part-time therapists, which would explain lower incomes.

With any profession, there are particular downsides to keep in mind. Certification and training hours are different in every state, requiring a certain amount of attention to paperwork. The job is also strenuous on the body.  A therapist needs to stay keenly conscious of their health. Being aware of likely injuries is key. Fatigue is also common, a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle is almost a necessity.

Although let’s be honest, all of these “drawbacks” promote organization and healthy living. And hey, that’s one major upside worth compromising for.

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